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A Beautiful Farm in Pirris

Where Mariposa was born. This is where we collected Mariposa from way back in January, a small place called Pirris, near Parrita in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. It was also an irresistible subject in the early morning light. The folks who live here are the most charming people you could hope to meet. Tico all the way. Farmers for generations. Cultivators of land and lovers of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

I think perhaps it was the first glimpse of how a farm, living on a farm, could be something I would like too.

Juanita’s way with her environment, the beauty she cultivated there, the gardens and the animals, all living in such a gorgeous place, inspired me to think I could adapt myself to this life too.

It’s funny how, as you grow older, your role models change too. I barely know Juanita, in truth. My Spanish was absurdly poor when we went there, so I didn’t catch most of what she said. But I could see, see for myself the care and cultivation. And it was exciting.

Of course, it was also the first time I had an inkling that farming here is all about starting early, really early in the day.

It’s just that, it’s been taking a while — to adapt. It’s a lot of work running a farm. The heat is still hard. It limits the number of hours in a day one can actually do the physical stuff. And it’s all physical stuff.

Bringing out these photos, looking at them again. Posting them for you — it’s a beautiful reminder of what could be. And I’m inspired again.

Originally published September 5, 2012


No doubt you are inspired – it’s absolutely beautiful. xox Janet

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