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Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals Website

Working with the wonderful team at Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals I was tasked with updating their look and feel with a fresh new website. I used the WIX platform and hotel template and then tailored it to suit their particular needs and personality. I selected the colour palette to best express the feeling of Manuel Antonio. I built the Tour Menu and Luxury offering pages and created the motion within the featured photo of the landing page. Please see for yourself at: 

Belleza Tropical Tour Menu

I created this tour menu using InDesign. I designed the page look and feel. I chose all the elements. I created the logo. I edited or rewrote the descriptions as they were found (or not found) on the individual tour operators' brochures. It's ratio is 8"x 5" for a more compact item to keep in vacation rentals around town. Please feel free to see the complete menu here:


This booklet was an update and modification for the Tour Menu I originally created for the Concierge at Mav Rentals. 

Vida Realty Listing Descriptions

Mid way through 2020 I was commissioned to write the listing descriptions for Vida Realty's exclusive properties. While pictures are critical to any listing, the description fills in by recounting the feel of walking through the property and sharing the additional benefits and charms not pictured. The written description allows a potential buyer to more fully experience what it is like to occupy a home, a piece of land, a business for sale. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 18.22.29.png

Business Cards / Logos

A selection of the business cards and logos I've had the pleasure to design

Cafe de Flor Logo/Signage/Menu

A friend launched a roadside coffee shop - hoping to bring to Guanacaste the trend that was rampant in North America. She asked me to design the look of the Logo, and various signs as well as the menu that hung behind her and several different flyers to promote the project. It was a cool vibe, with old timey tea cups and home made breads. Her espresso machine was popular with some of the truck drivers that passed by early in the morning. Costa Rica is definitely a coffee culture. 

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