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A Sweet Pleasure Not to be Missed

Here’s a traveler tip for all visitors to Costa Rica. Freshly made fruit juices are available everywhere! At $2 a pop a person can drink an unbelievable selection of fresh fruit – by the large glass.

How big a selection you may ask? Well, there’s Papaya, Piña (pineapple), Sandía (watermelon), Melon (cantaloupe), Carambóla (starfruit), Mandarina (mandarin), Fresa (strawberry), Cas (soursop), Guanabana (maybe that’s sour sop), Tamarindo (good for your intestines – it’s a good flusher), Naranja (orange) Mora (blackberry), Banano (you can guess this, right?), Chan (this is a very cool drink that looks like bubble tea but it’s natural), Horchata (made with rice, delicious).

Go to virtually any Soda or restaurant and ask if they have natural drinks. ?Tiene refrescos (ray-FRES-coes) naturales (NA-too-RA-lays)?

Specify “en agua (A-gua)” (made with water) or “en leche (LE-chay)” (made with milk).

Yummy goodness. The best deal ever.

Originally published January 24, 2012

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