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Empty Iron Bed

How truly rare it is to be able to start anew.

Fresh canvas – blank slate – empty rooms – time.

It took time to realize, to appreciate, to actually relax enough (and quell the anxiety bred by the unknown) to fully grasp what a blessing is this chance to set things differently. ( I was about to write “after learning a thing or two” but, you know, I still don’t know anything — so scratch that.)

Wrapped in it now, I look back at one or two moments when I could sense it for what it is. If you are very lucky, you might have been left some treasures by their previous owners. Objects devoid of sentimental meaning, you can look at them as they are; imagine what life they had before you; appreciate their contours.

Alone in the back room, in that light, I thought it was beautiful. Now of course it’s beautiful in a new way, and electric metal blue way. Ready for any guests who might happen by and want to spend the night. Here’s a slide show celebrating it’s former decay.

CLICK TO WATCH THE SHOW. Enjoy. Music: “Backyards” The Cave Singers The music makes it. Originally published April 2, 2012

Anne Karen! You are the best. xo

Maureen Beautiful. Lovely work KLH. xom

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