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Family & Familia

This weekend we went to San Jose. To see the family. There was a birthday to be celebrated. My brother-in-law’s birthday. And as always, everyone got together for cake, n’ stuff.

It’s rainy season. So, of course we missed the bus and we took the car. It doesn’t have wipers, so I’m getting good at driving with in the rain without wipers. Without lights, or the other helpful electrical luxuries associated with cars.

We love our fam. Here’s the birthday boy with his guaroface. Happy birthday Greivin.

I freakin’ love this guy.

Here’s his wife, Guiselle.

His daughter, Jasmin. She’s always sitting here, exactly in front of the cake, whenever there’s a birthday. I have I don’t know how many pictures just like this one of her over the years.

This is Harry’s family. And now it is my family. They are always the most raucous people at any party. They always break the ice, generate the fun. Make everyone laugh.

… unpredictability is their greatest asset.

and dancing. There will always be dancing.

and shots. :) rum. tequila. fun.

Originally published April 29, 2014

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