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For the Love of Red

There are occasional mornings here in rural Guanacaste when I awaken to find an insistent thing.

A thing that commands attention.

From time to time the sun conspires with new blooms. This morning they gathered their considerable forces to talk about the colour red as if red were the only colour worth discussing. As if it were the only colour at all.

Of course red is nothing without green. I don’t remember having the time to hear them before. Now I do, and I thought I’d share.

Susan Martin Beautifully written and photographed. Captures something that I give thanks for every day here on my cliff side perch above the Pacific. I walk out every morning and respond to the call of a trumpeting flower. I pick it and put it into a small vase in front of an extravagant sequined Guadalupe hanging in my home. I give thanks for this ritual of appreciation.

Originally published November 11, 2013

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