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Fruit Sex

Wandering a papaya plantation one afternoon, I could totally see it. Fruit Sex.

Occasionally we leave our spot in #Guanacaste and go south a few hours to the Pacific Central region. You may know it, #Jaco, #Playa Hermosa (and it is), #ManuelAntonio, Quepos, Dominical. While we were in the midst of the annual drought in Guanacaste, they were having rain. It was green, moist and glorious. As always, we visited friends in Parrita. true friends, true farmers, and our mentors in this project.

Now that you are oriented, I want to take you back to the plantation, and the subject of this post. As the fruit posed for my photos, I thought I heard them asking “am I sexier like this?”

“Or like this?”

A friend goes gathering for the plantation in Parrita, #CostaRica is plentiful.

Come visit and we’ll take you there.

Originally published April 19, 2012

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