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Going to the Mill

Going to the wood mill to get ourselves some wood. We’re doing some building. There’s no big story to this post. I just think the images are nice, they give a glimpse of this place –that is, Guanacaste, Costa Rica — how it’s set up, and what people do here [other than serve tourists].

On the road to Quebrada Honda, this mill looks out onto open cow fields and mountains beyond.

Hence the tractor …

This one’s for my pal’s Dan and Ben (the Brits)

While they are in the business of producing cut wood for building (planks, posts and boards). We were on a mission to collect their scrap.

On this day, there was so much of it, lots is perfectly good if you’re building, say a Pig Palace and don’t care if it looks funky. If we didn’t take it, it was going to be burned.

Personally, those funky pieces of wood look beautiful to me.

this diptych is designed simply to show you how cool the boots are. love the boots.

As always in this country, we just showed up, dropped the name of a mutual friend, and the guy at the mill stopped what he was doing to help us out.

I think perhaps the machinery at the mill might take a few old timers back to their glory days.

And as always in this country, no trip is ever complete without a look under the hood. Seriously. It always ends up with a look under the hood.

And here’s a funny diptych I made

Originally published September 28, 2012

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