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Good Morning/Buenos Dias Guanacaste

Not all Big Bugs are Bad. Especially if they have great markings I will be using in my knitting. No todos bichos grandes son malos. Especialmente si tienen formas lindas que puedo tejer.

Originally published February 27, 2012

Benedict Holy jumping Jehovah! Thats one mighty big bug! Reply

karen I meant to note, I’m a size 8 flip flop so … you can do the math. Reply

Shayni Clarke My son approves of your bug! He wants to play with him. I told him we don’t have a big enough bug jar for that one. :) Reply

karen This bug might need its own aquarium! But tell your son he’s cool in my books for liking this bug. And maybe one day he will come visit and see one for himself :) Love to all

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