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Introducing Willie Macho

More silly dog pictures, but truly, they are quite silly creatures. Well, that’s not quite true. Our new pup “Willy Macho” is adorably sweet, trusting, loving, slow, bumbling, a big big eater and has big big paws. He also came from a litter in the hood and well, he’s going to be great. Big, powerful, loyal — I’m sure. Just because he’s kinda goofy now don’t underestimate him. This post is a special one for Emma and Jenny. You know who you are.

And, he proves that two dogs are way better than one.

Originally published February 20, 2012

Cassandra you have two dogs now?!! oh my god how excellent!! baanjo and i are jealous of the fun you must be having. Reply

karen I know! and if you and Baanjo were here, we might die from fun. Although right now the minx Mariposa is in the dog house. Bad dog.

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