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Let's Say You Need to Burn Some Wood...

And let’s say you chose to dig a hole in which you would burn the wood, so the char gets into the ground all around, making it yummy for the worms which, in turn, make the large patch of earth around it much, much better for growing plants – plants like food plants.

Where would you put that hole?

Well, here’s what a couple of Guanacasteco workers thought was a good spot…

When I saw this, the hole — under a tree bough — with clear evidence it had been burned, I asked Harry “Why would they have dug this hole under the tree? Seriously?”

At this point we had experienced a series of “what the fuck?” moments with our ‘guy’ and this was, well, just one more instance of unfathomable judgement.

Harry thought for a moment before answering with his theory, ” Because it’s shady under the tree while you are digging?”


Originally published October 3, 2012

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