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Mincho's Place

Repair is Still a Proper Business in Costa Rica We have a friend Benjamin, who everyone calls Mincho. He’s a self taught car mechanic and, well, that why we made his acquaintance in the first place. Because we have a really old car. [see this post] And shortly after acquiring it, it started acting up. A real Drama Queen.

Fortunately for us, everyone in Costa Rica repairs and re-repairs their stuff because no one has cash to buy new. You see tire repair shops everywhere. (Oh god, I’ll have to post about one tire repair we suffered through one day.) Ingenuity, pins and chewing gum keeps everything running here.

Anyway, these photos I took during our first visit. I loved the space. It’s an outdoor work area, natch. And everything is made out of whatever is at hand — as is the case with everything in Costa Rica. It’s like the best production design ever. Art Directors would kill to be able to reproduce this for their movies. Useful for engine repair and perhaps drying fish

What caught my eye here is the the street lamp. It’s totally a modern accessory. It’s always important to have an area for clients to wait. Artful, don’t you think? Isn’t it all wonderful?

Originally published April 5, 2012

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