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Next to Godliness

Before I start, How great is this packaging?!?!?! ( I “squeal” with laughter.) If I had a product called Terror that is definitely the image I’d use.

This little post is meant to describe the daily house cleaning process that apparently is common here. I’d love to know what you think.

Most common flooring here is terrazzo. That’s cool. I love it. So smooth and it can be beautiful. There are no door jams to worry about so it is really easy to sweep everything out door. Fabulous design. Indeed no need to worry about thermal factors.

But before you even start, you have to move all the furniture out of the house for the best results. Then you sweep. Follow that with a wash with soap and water. You then mop with Cloro and water. And apparently you then follow that with another mopping of Disinfectant and water. Terror is our brand.

Then you rinse.

Then you move the furniture back in.

Et Viola.

Is it overkill though? Cloro (yes chlorine) AND disinfectant? Maybe. What do I know?

Note the preponderance of concern regarding bacteria on these products. Fungal issues? Maybe. Often it’s best not to question local wisdom because they have their reasons. One day I will ask my mentor Jenarina about this. One day when I speak better Spanish.

Originally published February 12, 2012

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