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Night Skies as Vessels for Dreams

Two weeks ago we had a full moon. Harry and I watched it rise over the gulf as we watch the sun rise every single day. It was arresting (which these photos are not, but at least you can have a glimpse and if you use your imagination, perhaps you can see what we saw too). It was an inverted vision of that rising orb, it was the usual sight in negative. It was green instead of orange tinged, with a black sky not a celestial blue one. It was a marvel. But that was two weeks ago and now it is the new moon. Last night Harry and I went down to the bottom of the property, to the forest where some of the biggest trees tower, so we could pump the water from the well. As we waited we gazed up through the canopy; a black lace of silhouetted leaves to see the starry night above. It was as if you could almost touch the stars, as if just out of reach. Such glitter, so brilliant. I couldn’t maintain my gaze in one spot, it was too exciting at every point. I was completely enthralled as I scanned the dome of diamonds above — awe struck. Oh how I wish I could photograph the stars here. But I can’t. So here’s another shot of the rising moon from that night two weeks ago

Originally published February 25, 2012

Janet K, as much as I love the puppy pix, the iron bed and others, it’s the landscape that captivates me – so powerful, so broad, so inviting, so majestic. Breathe deeply. xox J Reply

karen thanks for the lovely words. it all combines to make the experience what it is. But this will encourage me to keep posting images of this amazing place. thanks for that. xox klh

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