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Our First Spoon

When Starting a New Home in Costa Rica one certainly needs a spoon

This well worn silver (plate) spoon was a gift from my mom. It happened before dawn on the morning we left her house for the airport (she drove us, how awesome is she?) and she had prepared a bit of a snack for Harry. One that needed a spoon.

As we left the house, she recounted the tale of the spoon.

It had been with her since she was a child. It was one of a whole set that she and her mom garnered from the movie theatre in her home town of Mount Royal.

As she put it, ” Back then, for 22 cents admission, you would get two features, probably a newsreel, several cartoons, and a silver spoon.”

I love this little spoon.

I love it’s colour, and it’s sweet pattern. I love that I only have the one, and that its so worn down where it is used most. I love that my mom has had this spoon for most of her life. And that she’s still here to be able to give it to me as I start a new life of my own albeit crazy late in the game.

It’s funny the things one cherishes, isn’t it? Happy birthday Mom. You have always been my best teacher and a true friend and I’m so glad you’re my #mom.

Originally published April 23, 2012

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