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Snapshot: June 16, 2013

Skilled at insect photography with my #

iPhone 3GS I am not.

But how could I help but attempt to photograph this cool creature as I walked back up the hill from starting the water pump?

The first view I had of it was the (badly out-of-focus) overhead view here. It looked more like a sea creature than a flying one. Some sort of fantastical manta ray, only found in gloriously whimsical books for children.

It was so patient with me, as I attempted to figure out focus, angle and lighting. Patient or oblivious. More likely oblivious. I can’t believe I continue to forget that we just dont matter that much to nature.

Of course I’m doing this without my glasses. I never wear them outside, so covered with sweat they would be after 10 short minutes of mere existing outside. Thus I must rely on auto focus. A lot. And the gizmos on my photography software when auto focus fails me. But it was so cool. So very cool. I had to share.

Originally published June 18, 2013

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