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The Artfulness of Felicia

…and Costa Rican Pura Vida As we wended our way south to the #Panama #border, we stopped for a meal in Conte at Felicia’s. I hadn’t met Felicia before, she was one of Marcelino‘s sisters and we were giving him a lift to Conte where his #family lives and where he hadn’t been for more than four years. This woman greeted us with the most marvellous smiles, sat us down at this amazing table and fed us dinner.

We walked in and it was waiting for us. Because we were with Marcelino, we were honoured guests. It was astounding, really. This Costa Rican hospitality. It is full of grace. It is generous, joyful, unhesitant, and humbling.

But what I really want you to see is how fabulous is her house. Vivaciousness is Felicia’s home. You couldn’t art direct this if you tried, and I bet many #productiondesigners would love to.

Originally published on April 15, 2012

Benedict very cool

karen yeah, I know. I looked around me and I was so completely taken with her sense of decoration. I merely recorded it. She created it. Her garden was equally vibrant. She’s the mother of twelve. She’s a grandmother of dozens. And she’s super cool.

Janet So very beautiful. I want to go and be in her house. Janet

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