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Waiting for Don William

The Horseman of San Juan

Don William has horses.

He breeds them, he trains them, and he boards them. He’s a quiet guy who gets a bit more talkative after a few beers. He’s jolly and kind and he invited me to come by any time and ride.

And if you were here visiting, you could come too.

You could ride to your hearts content on true cowboy tack…

… on beautiful Costa Rican horses.

Can you imagine for a moment how lovely that would be, spending a day in this place?

…Where String theory is made concrete…

…the dichotomy of horizontals vs. circles is perpetually present to contemplate…

…and species large and small are co-existing in relative harmony? Perhaps you can.

Well, this is our first announcement that this coming winter, 2012-2013, Don William and I will be hosting horse riding tours. Our little house will be open to guests in a non-traditional B&B type format, and Vilo (Don William) and I will be offering horse tours through the river beds and fields of our beautiful province.

I can’t wait to show you around. More info to come as to how you can reserve with us.

On this particular day, we were waiting for Don William and met one of his clients. Another horse man. You can tell from his awesome leather boot wraps. And he invited us to his house, whenever we wanted to visit. (It’s something everyone does here.) We have yet to go, I’m not sure why, now that I think of it. Aha! something new to do!

Don William eventually came back. He was out riding, of course.

Originally published September 22, 2012

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