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What's That Shadow There?

Night. Home. Living room and the light is dimmer than usual. We look up and notice a strange, misshapen shadow through the frosted glass of the totally excellent retro lampshade that came with the house. I reach up and try to remove the shade, but it won’t come. Odd. It’s stuck … to the bulb? So I twist the bulb along with the shade – removing the whole contraption to have a look inside. okay, so …. wait … what? Is that what I think it is? Oh dear god….

Wasps nest. When I broke it up to get it off the lampshade, inside were exoskeletons and everything. (Do wasps have exoskeletons? It looked a lot like how I imagine them.) Maybe now we’ll be left in peace by the wasps. Yeah, right. Originally July 26, 2012

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