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What the Hell Are These Things?

While travelling south to Panama Along the route south to Panama, we passed these strange towers that appeared to be flushing a tremendous amount of brown water. Most curious.

They had been erected in a flat grassy area maintained like a soccer field, and surrounded by what are clearly man-made earthen abutments. These hills didn’t hide the towers, just created a barrier around them.

We tried to guess as to what they could be for. The stench was strong, but unrecognizable. Of course we couldn’t just drive past without investigating – so Harry turned the car around and pulled into the entrance. I got out with my camera and climbed the surrounding hill to get the shot.

While I was framing and checking settings, I noticed there was a man in the field in front of the towers with machinery strapped to his torso. It looked like perhaps a weed whacker or maybe he was spraying pesticides (very common here). He was far away, I couldn’t be sure. He spotted me on the top of the hill and starts gesturing forcefully. He’s yelling, and I am pretty sure he’s saying “get away” by the nature of his arm waving. I gesture in that friendly “I’m just a tourist taking photos” way, which seems to anger him and he gets more gesticular. Much more. He’s serious. He looks like the gardener, but he’s acting like security.

I didn’t get the shot I wanted. But I did grab these weird movie clips, have a look here and tell me what you think. What the hell are these things? Originally published April 27, 2012


very very weird……

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